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ReturnsUpdated 4 months ago

How do I return my bag to COCOON?

Here are the simple steps to return your bag with Royal Mail:

  • Put the bag back into the box and make sure it's safely sealed with tape.
  • Remember to include all accessories and dustbags (if included)
  • If you're reusing your COCOON box (or a similar box), please remove any old shipping labels.
  • Attach your Royal Mail label (including barcode & address) to the outside of the box
  • Drop the box off at your nearest Royal Mail location or organise a collection.

You must obtain proof of postage and keep this safe until you have received your return confirmation as this acts as your proof of delivery.  If you schedule a collection via Royal Mail, your proof of postage will be your email confirmation. If you leave a bag unattended, even in a safe place, it is still considered to be in your possession and you are responsible and liable for that bag.

It is your responsibility to follow the steps above, failure to do so could lead to the bag going missing, so please ensure these steps are followed correctly otherwise you may be liable to pay for a replacement.

If you would like us to arrange an alternative courier for returns, please let us know at [email protected] as this service will cost an additional fee of £10.

I didn't get a return label with my order, do I need one?

Please notify us at [email protected]. If you have lost your Royal Mail label, we may need to charge an additional fee to book an alternative courier.  


How do I know my bag has been successfully returned?

Once we have received the bag back into our warehouse, it is subject to a physical inspection, then processed for return. You will receive an email to confirm that your order has been returned. If your order has been returned with damage that was not there when the bag was sent out to you, we will send you a separate email regarding the damage and outlining the next steps.


What if I am not able to return my bag within the specified time?

As a COCOON member, it’s your responsibility to ensure you are able to return the bag order within the allotted time frame; whether that’s three months or one month (for our most in-demand bags). Regardless of where you are, your membership requirements still apply and members who are unable to return their bags in time can either be charged late fees or asked to purchase the bag in lieu of returning it. If you fail to return a bag by the required date, you will be liable for a late fee of  £10 per business day until the bag is returned.  Any bags not returned after 4 weeks will be considered as not returned, and the member will be liable to pay the full RRP value of the bag. 

I have received a Royal Mail returns label, what do I do? 

We're currently trialling a new returns method with Royal Mail. If you have received a Royal Mail label, please follow the instructions that came with your order. 

You can either book a collection or use a drop-off locationWhen booking a collection, enter your tracking number manually when prompted, which can be found on your returns label. The bag is considered to be in your possession until you have your proof of postage. For collections, this will be your confirmation email. If you have lost your returns label, you could be charged an additional fee to return your order with an alternative courier. Please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected].

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