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SwapsUpdated 7 days ago

What is a swap?

Each full-time membership plan includes a certain number of complimentary swaps. A 'swap' is when you exchange your current bag order for a new bag in any given payment period. 

Does my first bag count as my first swap?

Yes, when you place your first order, the bag you select will count as your first swap.

How do I swap it for a new bag?

Simply sign in to your COCOON account and check out with a new bag. You are then required to return your current bag order within two days (including Saturdays) via Royal Mail. Please refer to the instructions that were included with your order - please return it in the original box (or similar), removing any old address labels and sealing securely with tape.The bag is considered to be in your possession unless you have proof of postage. Once returned, we’ll arrange next-day delivery for the new bag and you'll receive an update once the bag has been dispatched. 

How many swaps do I have?

The number of complimentary swaps you have in any payment period depends on your membership plan. For example, Deluxe Monthly members have 2 complimentary swaps to use each month, and Deluxe quarterly members have 6 complimentary swaps to use when they please in each 3-month period. Remember, your first bag order counts as your first swap.

How do I know when it's time to swap?

Each bag in the COCOON collection has an access limit of one month or three months. You'll be notified by email when it's time to swap. If you want to swap before you reach the end of a bag's access limit, go ahead! You can either use a complimentary swap or purchase an additional swap for £20 each, either here on our membership page or directly on any bag's page. 


What happens if I don’t use all of my swaps within my allocated billing period?

Use it or lose it. Dream bags wait for no one.


What is an Additional Bag Swap?

If you have run out of complimentary swaps for your current billing period, you can purchase additional Bag Swaps for £20 each (either on the membership pricing page or on any bag’s page when you place the order). 

Can I swap for a bag in a different membership tier?

If you are a full-time member and you’d like to swap for a bag in a collection outside of your plan, simply add it to cart and you’ll have the option to upgrade to the relevant plan. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a Bag Pass (from your second membership charge onwards), which allows you to access a second bag for a week at a time from any collection (including beyond your membership plan access).


Flexi members can purchase Bag Passes to access any bag in the full collection for one week at a time. Bag Passes are priced according to collection (Premium or Deluxe). For example, a Deluxe Bag Pass is priced at £55 and will give you access to any bag in the Deluxe collection for one week.


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