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Bag CareUpdated a year ago

What does the bag-care process involve?

Every bag is subject to a physical inspection and a rigorous care process to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned after being returned from each member. We use sanitization measures to safeguard our bags, without compromising the quality of materials across our collection of new season, pre-owned and vintage styles. We also disinfect using industry-approved cleaning reagents, and enclose each bag in protective casing.


Should I attempt to clean the bag I am accessing with my membership?

Leave the cleaning to us. If you’re ever worried about damage or a spill, please contact our friendly  membership team who will be able to determine the best course of action. 


How should I store the bag?

We would recommend that you store any bag that you are accessing with membership on a cool, dry shelf in your home. If you have ordered a Gucci style or a Bottega Veneta style, you will be provided with a dust bag which you can use to store the bag.

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