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Flexi MembershipUpdated 2 years ago

What is Flexi membership and how does it differ from full-time membership?

With Flexi membership, you can experience COCOON on demand. Pay a one-time Flexi membership base fee for unlimited access to the full COCOON collection, then purchase weekly Bag Passes to order the bags you want, when you want, for one week at a time (e.g. fallen for a style in the Deluxe Collection? You’ll need a Deluxe Bag Pass to access it). You also have the freedom to keep a bag on a rolling weekly basis until you reach the bag’s access limit (1 month or 3 months). How often you access styles with Flexi membership is entirely up to you. Flexi is there when you need it. 


What is a Bag Pass?

For Flexi members, a Bag Pass allows you to access any bag in the full collection for one week at a time. For full-time Premium or Deluxe members, a Bag Pass allows you to access a second bag from the full collection (regardless of your membership tier) for one week. You can pre-purchase Bag Passes and these will sit in your account, or purchase them as you go. Bag Passes are priced according to the collection, Premium (£45/week) and Deluxe (£55/week).

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