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How do I cancel my membership?Updated a year ago

All memberships have a 30-day paid cancellation notice period.

While we would hate to see you go, if you do want to cancel, simply email us at [email protected]. Your notice starts on the day you email us, provided that you have served your minimum term before your 30-day cancellation notice period concludes. Any 100% free or discounted promotional period is excluded from your 30-day paid cancellation notice period however any promotional or discounted membership period may be included within the minimum term. 

If you request to cancel your membership without serving your minimum term, you will be required to pay the full price of the minimum membership term before your membership is canceled. 

Kindly note, if you have purchased any unused add-ons (including additional swaps and weekly Bag Passes), these will be refunded on cancellation. If COCOON has gifted you add-ons during your membership period, these will be forfeited on cancellation.

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