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What is COCOON membership?

COCOON is a membership subscription service for luxury bags. Membership unlocks access to the COCOON collection, with bags to suit every style, occasion, and personality; delivered right to your door.

What is the minimum term?

New monthly members are required to commit to a minimum of 60 days, while quarterly and Flexi members have a 90 day minimum term.

How do I cancel my membership?

All memberships have a 30-day paid cancellation notice period. Your notice period starts on the day you email us provided you have served your minimum term. Read on for all information about cancelling your COCOON membership.

What is a swap and how do I use it?

A 'swap' is when you exchange your current bag order for a new bag in any given payment period. Full time membership plans include a certain number of complimentary swaps. Read on for more info about how to swap.

What if I don’t see a bag I want?

We add new styles to our collection frequently. Sign up for our newsletter so you’ll be the first to know about new bag drops or add your favourite styles to your Wishlist.

What happens if a bag is damaged in my care?

If a bag is damaged in your care, please contact our membership team as soon as possible so we can advise on the best action to take.

Can I buy a bag with COCOON?

Yes you can! You can inquire about purchasing anything in our collection, simply register your interest directly on the bag's page and our membership team will be in touch.

As a member, do I receive a discount on styles I'm purchasing on COCOON?

Yes, depending on your membership plan and how long you have been a member, you may be eligible for a discount when buying a bag. Read more to learn about our member discounts.