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Order StatusUpdated 10 months ago

Where do I find my order?

To find your order information, go to My Account > Order History.

How do I cancel my order?

When you place an order for a bag, we will start preparing the bag for delivery which can take up to one business day. If you would like to inquire about cancelling your order, please get in touch with [email protected] within 24 hours of placing the order. Once the bag has been dispatched, cancellation will not be possible.

I’m swapping for a new bag. How long will it take to receive my order?

Once your current order has been returned to us, we will schedule next-day delivery for your new order. Please review our FAQs on Delivery & Returns for more information.


Can I order a bag and schedule delivery for a later date?

Unfortunately, we can’t hold bags for you to be delivered at a later date, so please do not order a new bag if you are not available to receive it within two business days.

How long can I keep the bag I have ordered? 

You can hold on to the majority of our bags for up to three months. A limited selection of our most in-demand styles has an access limit of one month. The access period is noted on each bag’s page. You'll be notified by email when it's time to swap (shortly before you hit the bag’s access limit). For more information on Bag Swaps, please read our FAQs here.

What is included in my order?

Any style that you order on COCOON will include the bag’s accessories, if any, which are attached to the bag (i.e - chains, straps, pouches, keys, and charms). We will provide a dust bag for Bottega Veneta bags and for Gucci bags. Failure to return our dust bag will result in a £20 penalty fee. Failure to also return a bag with all of the accessories that it was sent out with is considered damage and will be treated as such. If a bag is returned with accessories or elements missing, the member could be charged for the cost of replacing the missing piece (if this is possible) or the cost of replacing the full bag.


What happens if I don't like the bag I have ordered with my membership?

We're sorry to hear that! Please get in touch with our membership team within 24 hours of delivery to request an exchange and we’ll swap it for another style, at our discretion. 

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