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ID Verification & ApprovalUpdated a year ago

How do you validate who can be a member?

Membership to COCOON is open to UK (mainland) residents only, who are over 18. As part of the registration process, you will be required to verify your identity and location on our website and we also carry out a soft credit check, the results of which will be taken into account when reviewing your membership application. 


Why am I asked to verify my identity? 

The trust and safety of our members are paramount to our community. We request personal information about you to verify the details you've given us and confirm they're genuine, which is important to prevent identity fraud. This process is necessary to build trust in our community, and to protect our members and the bags in our collection. 


How do you verify my identity? 

We work with a third-party ID verification partner to carry out the ID verification process on our website. 

Full-Time Premium and Deluxe Members: When you checkout with your membership, you’ll receive an email confirming that your application is pending. Inside will be a link to complete a simple 2-step ID verification process. Kindly note that your application is not complete until you finish this process. If you start the process and are not active on the site for 15 minutes, your session will expire and you will be emailed a new link. You cannot save the process midway and return to it. If you do not complete the ID Verification process within 30  days, your membership will be cancelled and you will have to re-apply.

When you begin the ID verification process, you’ll be asked to submit a picture of your government-issued ID (preferably a  driver's licence) and take a selfie photo. Our ID verification partner uses advanced face recognition technology to authenticate members in real time. 


In some circumstances, we may need to request additional information to confirm proof of a UK address. In this situation, our membership care team will contact you directly.

Flexi Members: When you checkout with a Flexi membership, this part of the application process is complete. When you place your first bag order, you will be required to complete the ID verification process. Please see the above steps for additional details. Your bag order will not be dispatched until this step has been completed.


What if I have trouble verifying my identity? 

When submitting your information during the ID verification process, you need to ensure that your full name matches the name on your government-issued ID and the information you have provided is free of errors. Please contact [email protected] if you have any issues.


How do I know if the ID verification process was successful?

You can check the status of your ID verification within your account portal on our website. You will find this under ‘My Profile’ > 'ID Verification'. Once we’ve successfully verified your identity, you will receive an email to confirm that your application has been successful. If for any reason your membership has been declined, you will be notified by email.


Is my information safe?

Yes. We only use the ID information that you provide to confirm your identity, and nothing else. The safety and security of our community are one of our top priorities. When you provide your identity information to COCOON, it's transmitted using secure encryption via our third-party ID verification partner who then verifies and authenticates the documents provided. 

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