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My PaymentsUpdated a year ago

Can I  change my membership charge date?

Yes, your charge date can be amended to a specific day of the month. As your membership fees are always paid in advance and not arrears, we will calculate on a pro-rata basis the membership fees owed for the period between your original charge date and the new one, and this will need to be paid on or ahead of the old charge date lapsing. 

What happens if my membership fees are late? 

If your membership payment is declined on the date your recurring membership charge is due, you will be notified by email and requested to update your payment details and/or make funds available. We will make 5 subsequent attempts to charge your registered payment method in the 5 calendar days following the failed payment. If we are unable to take payment after 5 attempts, we will arrange a collection for the bag. If we are not able to collect the bag from you, you will be charged late fees for the bag in your possession as well as missed collection fees for any failed collection attempts. 


After 8 days from the first day of failed payment, your membership will be considered inactive and you will be liable for the full value of the bag. From this point, you will be charged 8% interest for any unpaid membership fees as well as the value of the bag if this has not been returned. We reserve the right to move forward with legal action should the fees remain unpaid and/or the bag not returned after 14 days from the first day of failed payment. We will notify you of our plans to pursue any legal action after 9 days from the first day of failed payment.

How do I update the payment information on my account?

To update your payment information on your account:

1. Head to and sign in to your account

2. Once in your account, click Subscriptions under My Membership

3. Click Payment Methods on the new screen

4. To add a new card on file, click Add Payment Method, fill in your details and confirm Add Payment Method

5. If a new card has been added, click your desired card on file from the list of saved payment methods, and select Move Subscriptions Here. This card will now be used for your selected subscription going forward. 

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