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Pause MembershipUpdated 4 months ago

Can I pause my membership?

Yes, we offer full-time members the opportunity to pause their membership for up to 6 months. Your pause period can only commence once your first membership payment has been made (you cannot request a pause during a free membership term). You can pause multiple times during your membership, and the minimum pause period is one month. Pauses can be requested via email at [email protected].


What happens when I pause my membership?

Once notified, a collection will be booked for your current order for the next business day. The pause period starts from the day the bag order is collected. 


Any payments that are due will still be processed until such time that the bag is collected. Once your pause period starts, there will be no fees due until your membership is reactivated. If your charge date falls on the same day as your collection, your charge will go ahead as normal, and this will be added to your next active membership period. 


When you pause your membership, your next membership charge date will be moved 6 months ahead. Any pre-paid membership days will be allocated to your new billing period or can be exchanged for credit towards membership add-ons and upgrades. At the end of the 6 month period, your membership will automatically unpause and you will be charged a £1 transaction fee to ensure that we have an active card on file. This £1 fee will be credited to your next membership payment. From this point, you will use any pre-paid membership days on your account and be charged your standard membership fee. 


I’d like to unpause my membership early. How do I do this?

If you would like to activate your membership before your 6 month pause period is up, simply get in touch via email at [email protected].


Can I pause my Flexi Membership?

No, there is no reason to pause Flexi Membership. The Flexi Membership base fee is a one-time payment, granting members unlimited Flexi membership (once you’re in, you’re in!). 

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