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Signing UpUpdated a year ago

I’ve just signed up, what happens next?

Welcome!  Once you have checked out with COCOON membership, our approval process includes two key steps: ID verification and a soft background credit check. 

You will be asked to confirm your identity through our secure third-party ID verification partner, accessible through your account portal. You will be required to submit a photo of your government-issued ID, ideally, a UK driver's license which includes your address (although a passport or ID card is also accepted). This will then be matched with a live selfie to prove your identity alongside the ID provided. 

Please note that your COCOON application is not complete until you have completed the ID verification process. For full-time members (Premium or Deluxe members, paying monthly or quarterly), if you do not complete the ID verification step within 30 days of checking out with your membership, your membership will be cancelled and you will be refunded. For Flexi members, you will need to complete the ID verification once you have placed your first bag order. If you have placed an order for a bag, but you have not completed the ID verification step, the bag will be held for 7 days before the order is cancelled. 


Can I delay my membership start date?

Your membership begins when you sign up and pay for membership. If you would like to delay your charge date until you have selected a bag, this can be delayed for up to 14 days from the initial purchase period. If your membership application has been significantly delayed, your membership start date will be adjusted in line with your delay. Your membership fees will be charged on the same day of the month following your delayed start date. 

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